Fire Certificate Malaysia : Application and Renewal Guide

Fire certificate Malaysia is a certificate issued to premises that are classified as designated premises. All designated premises must have a fire certificate issued by the Malaysian Fire and Rescue Department.

What are the premises that are required to apply for Fire Certificate Malaysia?

The designated premise category is referred to in the following table: –

fire certificate malaysia 1

The new premises must apply for a fire certificate upon obtaining a Certificate of Fitness (CF) or Temporary Certificate of Fitness (TCF) or Certificate of Completion and Compliance (CCC).

An application may be made at the State Headquarters of Jabatan Bomba dan Penyelamat Malaysia (JBPM) or Fire Zone Office where the place of the prescribed premises is the office of processing any fire certification application.

Applicants must apply by submitting Form I and providing the following information: –

  1. Copy of CCC or CFO
  2. Building Plan (which has been approved by JBPM during CCC / CFO production)
  3. Latest property ownership letter
  4. Land ownership
  5. Copy of door tax
  6. Business license

A date will be determined by the Jabatan Bomba dan Penyelamat Malaysia (JBPM) to the applicant for examination of the premises. If all Fire Safety Installation systems are in good condition, and satisfactory, the certificates will be issued within 5 days from the date the payment is made. The period of validity of a fire certificate Malaysia for premises shall be twelve (12) months.

All designated premises shall be connected electronically or by telephone to the nearest Fire Station by switched switchboards to provide an immediate automatic alarm in case of emergency.

Fire Certificate Malaysia Renewal

The certificates are effective for one year from the date it is issued shall be renewed annually. Application for Renewal of Fire Certificate Malaysia shall use Form III and be made not less than 30 days before the expiry date. The fee for the renewal certificate is half of the first fire certificate fee.

Applications for renewal of the certificates submitted less than 30 days from the expiration date may be subject to a late penalty of RM100. Application for renewal of a certificate issued after expiration date must submit the certification application using Form I and full payment as the first application will be applied.

Premis With License

Any designated premises with a fire certificate Malaysia can not make any modification (change of condition) which causes the fire safety equipment to be inadequate. The applicant must submit a proposed plan to this department before performing the renovation work.

The department will review the submitted plan and lower the certificate on the proposed plan. Subsequently, an inspection will be deployed prior to the issuance of a fire certification certificate. A new fire certification certificate will be issued if making a fee while a fire certificate amendment will be issued if the payment is not made.

Any applicant may appeal to the Minister following such notice of refusal or decision: –

  1. The Director refuses to issue a fire certificate
  2. The conditions imposed on certificates issued can not be complied with; or
  3. With any decision by the Director by amending the new certificate or previous certificate.
  4. Make a change of situation to the designated premises that is in force without notice.
  5. Failure to comply with instructions by taking steps to make adequate fire safety installation.
  6. Has no fire certificate in Malaysia.
  7. Create or falsify the certificate.
  8. Make any statement or give any false information when applying for the certificate.
  9. Transfer or assign or permit any other person to use his bombardment.
  10. Not notify in writing to the Director on certificate lost or destroyed.
  11. Not submitting information as required.
  12. Do not show fire certification at all times.

Source and legalized by Jabatan BOMBA dan Penyelamat Malaysia

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