Fire Safety Audit

.Fire Safety Audit reviews the existing building, establish the compliance to regulations, and recommend areas of improvement with respect to code compliance and operation

Performance Based Approach (PBA)

Using progressive design to provide compliance to maintain safety to buildings that might have been restricted by enforcement of  building code.


Fire Risk Assessment (FRA)

Fire Risk Assessment is the audit of the premises and relevant documents to ascertain the hazard and how building are managed in the aspect of fire safety.

Fire Safety Design Philosophy (FSDP)

A study to determine the risk level, consequences of hazard of fire and explosion which is then used to determine the suitable passive and active fire protection measures in line with Local and International Standards and Guidelines.

Fire & Explosion Risk Assessment (FERA)

Fire & Explosion Risk Assessment (FERA) is a structured and systematic process to identify and assess risks from fire and explosion hazards. 


Fire Forensics Inspection

Need to investigate the sources of fire? Our team of court-tested fire protection engineers have a proven track record of analyzing such circumstances.

Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA)

A Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA) is a formal and systematic risk analysis approach to quantifying the risks associated with the operation of an engineering process. A QRA is an essential tool to support the understanding of exposure of risk to employees, the environment, company assets and its reputation.


Fire Safety GAP Analysis

Gap Analysis uses the principles of fire safety benchmarking to identify regulatory shortfalls. Once the benchmarking expectation is identified, it is possible to compare that expectation with the current level of compliance.

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