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Fire engineering is a field that focuses on the application of scientific and engineering principles to prevent and mitigate the risks associated with fires.

Fire engineers work to ensure the safety of people, buildings, and the environment in relation to fire incidents.

They employ knowledge of fire behavior, fire dynamics, and fire protection systems to develop strategies, designs, and solutions that minimize the potential impact of fires.

Here are some key aspects of fire engineering:

    • Fire Risk Assessment:
      Fire engineers assess the fire hazards and risks associated with specific buildings, structures, or processes. They evaluate factors such as occupancy, materials, ignition sources, and fire spread potential to identify potential fire scenarios and their potential consequences.
    • Fire Safety Design:
      Fire engineers develop fire safety strategies and design fire protection systems for buildings and structures. They consider factors like occupant evacuation, compartmentalization, structural fire resistance, and the selection and placement of fire detection, alarm, and suppression systems.
    • Fire Modeling and Analysis:
      Fire engineers utilize computational fire modeling tools to simulate fire behavior and analyze its impact on structures and occupants. These models can help in predicting smoke movement, heat transfer, and structural response during a fire, enabling the evaluation of fire safety measures.

Who needs fire engineering consultation?
Fire engineering professionals collaborate closely with:

  • architects
  • structural engineers
  • building owners
  • regulatory authorities
  • other stakeholders

    To integrate fire safety measures into the design, construction, and operation of buildings.

Their goal is to minimize the potential for fires, protect life and property, and ensure a safe and efficient response in the event of a fire.



Performance Based Approach (PBA)


Fire Risk Assessment (FRA)


Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA)


Building Science


Fire Science


Evacuation Modeling


Fire Safety GAP Analysis

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