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The Saudi Building Code (SBC) is a comprehensive set of regulations, standards, and guidelines established by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to govern the design, construction, and maintenance of buildings and structures within the country. It aims to ensure safety, durability, sustainability, and compliance with international best practices in the construction industry.

Key aspects and features of the Saudi Building Code include:

Scope and Coverage: The SBC covers various aspects of construction, including structural design, materials, fire safety, electrical systems, plumbing, mechanical systems, accessibility, energy efficiency, and environmental sustainability.

International Standards Alignment: It often aligns with internationally recognized building codes and standards to ensure that construction practices in Saudi Arabia meet global benchmarks for safety and quality.

Updated and Comprehensive: The SBC is regularly updated to incorporate advancements in construction technology, materials, and best practices. It provides detailed guidelines for different types of structures and construction methods.

Safety and Structural Integrity: Emphasizes structural stability, load-bearing capacities, and safety measures to withstand natural disasters and other potential hazards.

Sustainability and Energy Efficiency: Includes provisions and guidelines for promoting sustainable construction practices, energy-efficient designs, and environmental considerations.

Fire and Life Safety: Contains regulations for fire protection, prevention measures, and evacuation procedures to ensure the safety of occupants in case of fire emergencies.

Accessibility and Universal Design: Addresses provisions for ensuring buildings and facilities are accessible to individuals with disabilities, incorporating universal design principles.

Compliance and Enforcement: The SBC outlines compliance requirements and procedures, including permits, inspections, and certifications to ensure adherence to the prescribed standards.


We provide you with the latest performance-based design solutions and engineering best practices while helping to determine applicable codes and standards. We comply with the national codes and standards, engineering best practices, performance-based consulting, and fire & life safety audit criteria. Our team also specializes in construction and system investigation during the lifecycle of a building and assists in designing a go-forward plan and helps manage the upgrade.

Industry Applications:

  • Suitable for construction projects across various sectors including residential, commercial, industrial, and infrastructure development in Saudi Arabia.
  • Tailored solutions adaptable to diverse project scales and complexities.

The Saudi Building Code plays a pivotal role in regulating the construction industry in Saudi Arabia, ensuring that buildings and structures are designed, constructed, and maintained in a manner that prioritizes safety, durability, functionality, and sustainability. Compliance with the SBC is mandatory for all construction projects within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to ensure uniformity and high standards in the built environment.

 Why Choose Us:

  • Expertise in Saudi Building Code regulations, coupled with extensive experience in construction consultancy and compliance.
  • Dedicated professionals offering personalized guidance, technical expertise, and proactive solutions to ensure SBC compliance.
  • Commitment to safety, quality, and adherence to SBC standards to optimize project outcomes.


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We deliver international standard consultation service regarding fire safety & fire engineering.


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